JES UNI BIOTECH CO., LTD.RSS ※JES UNI NEWS utf-8 Wed, 18 May 2022 16:40:14 CST Wed, 18 May 2022 16:40:14 CST JES UNI NEWS代理XETIN森氧機Ozone Generator home/hotel/hospital/supermarket/industrial sterilizers for Covid-19 XTB-360 (click)  360mg/hr  Portable Ozone Generator   NT$16,800.00

XT - 301V  800mg/hr  Ozone water & Food Purifier  NT$16,800.00

XT - 1000  1000mg/hr  House hold models with remote control NT$16,800.00

XT - 6000V 10,000mg/hr High power model, High output blaster for Mold & Odor contral

XT - 7000V 10,000mg/hr  High power model for restaurant, Hotel with remote control

XT - 14000V 20,000mg/hr  Professional Model Super High Output

XT - 28000V 40,000mg/hr  Professional Model Super High Output

JES UNI NEWS廖仁慈 擔任第十七屆台灣家具工業同業公會 顧問 本公司負責人廖仁慈 頃獲聘任第十七屆台灣家具工業同業公會顧問,將協助新任陳三能理事長和公會成員共同協力推動重建台灣家具產業國內外國際家具展形象

JES UNI NEWS廖仁慈 台灣食安心聯盟 創盟理事 本公司負責人廖仁慈已代表貫盟生物科技加入台灣食安心聯盟並擔任理事,與林理事長和盟員共同協力推動致力於台灣安心食品的發展

JES UNI NEWSTaipei Food Mega Show Vietnam Pavilion 2020 12/17-20 Stand K-1007a 2020台北世貿國際食品展 We are at the Show for Vietnam exclusively representing products:

Pickles Gherkins (酸黃瓜)of GOC Food Processing JSC. 

Gac extraction capsules 木鱉果油萃取膠囊 of Dong Duong Vina 東洋葳娜

Instant bird nest (方便即溶燕窩) of NEST ART

Nacumin and Cucuminoids (薑黃素與奈米化複方) of V.A.S.T & Minh Tri

Bear of Dai Viet 

See our Video

and more for individual products

Pickle Gherkins (酸黃瓜)

Bird Nest (燕窩)

GAC  (木鱉果油萃取膠囊)

AntroCina (牛樟芝)


JES UNI NEWS2020 FOOD SHOW IN KAOHSIUNG S2608a Stand number S 2608a

We are presenting products from Vietnam for Taiwan market

We are looking for suitable distributors for the following products:

Pickles Gherkins of GOC, the largest pickle gherkins manufacturer in the world.

Curcumin & Nano Curcumin - the best anti-inflamantation agent for good health well recognized today

Gac fruit oil - Fruit from the heavenFull of Omega 3,6,9, Beta carotene and Lycopene (80times more that that of tomato) 

JES UNI NEWSJes AntroCina 牛樟芝product officially certified by FDA for free sales Our AntroCina products got official Free Sales Certificate (FSC) issued by Taiwan FDA, HOMW for Taiwan, Vietanm, Australia, Europe, Japan...etc. Means we have passed the 90days non-toxic test and proved all were cultivated by standard Taiwan Antrodia Cinnamomea species on the specific wood. And are free from heavy metal, pesticides and bacteria as a good food. please rest assure to consume it.

我們的牛樟芝產品已獲得台灣衛福部核可以下國家的自由銷售證明: 台灣、越南、澳洲、歐洲、日本


JES UNI NEWS更名啟事: We have officially changed our company name! JES UNI BIOTECH CO., LTD. 貫盟生物科技有限公司 We have officially change our company name as Jes Uni Biotech Co., Ltd. since March 25, 2019

我們已於2019年3月25日正式更名為  貫盟生物科技有限公司

JES UNI NEWS20181023 We are attending Orgatec office furniture show in Germany We are at Hall 6 Stand B011g

JES UNI NEWS2018 Taipei food show for our Pickle Gherkins and Nano curcumin products from Vietnam We will be sharing the Pickles Gherkins of Germany species.

JES UNI NEWSInternational seminor for the Antrodia Cinnamomea in Taiwan Seminar will be starting from 8th till the 10th. in National Taitong university.

Video of the seminar

JES UNI NEWS2017 高雄食品展 10月26-29 於高雄市貿展覽館 D2608 展出越南GOC 酸黃瓜 我們的攤位在高雄世貿展覽館 D2608 越南展區, 展出優質越南生產農產加工食品


目錄請聯結  youtube 

JES UNI NEWSJesse & Bich Visit GOC factory in Bac Giang, Vietnam on August 15, 2017 We visited the Gherkins production plant and the farms of GOC.  The quality of production plant, the products and the persons are super good.  All up to international food stand (IFS).  We will import the good quality Gherkins, Jalepanos, Rokkyo, Chilli, Bamboo shoot, Dehydrated fruit....etc. into Taiwan market. These products have already well favoured by USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Isreal markets. 


產品目錄請看  youtube:  A   

JES UNI NEWSTaipei Food Show June 21-24 for GOC products from VietNam - Hai Nam, Mr. Phan and Jesse Whole Dill Pickles for JapanKosher Whole Dill USAGermany Baby DillKosher Baby DillJalapenosSliced in Can 3kgsSliced in pouch 3kgsGOC image

JES UNI NEWSOrgatec Fair 2016 We were in Koeln, Germany to attend the Office furniture Show - Orgatec Fair.  We are mainly showing our AIRO Pneumatic height adjustable Desks & Tables, Lecture table, overbed table, training tables.....etc.  We are fruitful this time and thanks to all nice visitors to our stand there.

group from Denmark

JES UNI NEWS知名日本傢俱設計師新居猛先生NY CHAIR X & OTTOMAN SET單組網路訂購專案 國際知名日本傢俱設計師新居猛先生於1958設計此"NY chair"系列產品.


Ny chair 名字是根據新居猛先生大師的姓氏"Nii" 、又是丹麥語"新"


NY chair 得過無數國際設計獎,並於1970年獲得美國紐約(MoMA)現代藝術博物館


本公司特別為全球 NY Chair 愛好者提供單組直接銷售服務。

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