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A. AntroCina FD1椴木子實體滴丸(2.5克玻璃瓶,約90 粒)最少含3%三萜類化合物。

B. AntroCina MC1菌絲體膠囊(400mg 每粒膠囊) 

C. AntroCina FG1金色膠囊子實體淬取液,含28.3%三萜類化合物, 每粒軟膠囊143.5mg

D. AntroCina FC1椴木子實體濃縮淬取液,30ml玻璃瓶,附吸管。建議僅限癌重症者食用。



JES four major AntroCina FOOD products


According to the law, all JES AntroCina HEALTH FOOD products have passed the 90days toxic lab test and are with all necessary SGS safety test reports to make sure no toxic and non chemical contents:

A.   AntroCina FD1 Fruiting Body Drip Pills of (2.5gm glass bottle, about 90pills) 3% up    triterpenoids.

B  AntroCina MC1 Mycelium Solid Capsules  (400mg  per capsules)

C  AntroCina FG1 Golden Capsule Fruiting Body extraction liquid in 143.5mg per soft capsule

D  AntroCina FC1 Fruiting Body Condensed  Extraction in 30ml glass bottle with sucking tube,  Suggest only for intensive consume by Cancer patient

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AntroCina 牛樟芝 Antrodia Cinnamomea 台灣森林中的 國家紅寶石寶藏

Ruby Treasure of Taiwan Forest  

Antrodia Cinnamomea – The National Ruby Treasure in Taiwan Forest

With DNA verification of the Taiwan Antrodia Camphorata (Antrodia Cinnamomea, here after we call it AntroCina) unique fungus species endemic to Taiwan, JES bio-health food team are producing the extraction and compounds of fruiting body and the mycelium of the AntroCina that is gifted for human race from The Great Nature. Many lab studies and scientific reports have illustrated that the AntroCina ingredient contains over 200 types of triterpenes (with major Anti-cancer contents like triterpenoids, antcin A,B,C, antroquinonol, methyl antcinate A (MAA), methyl antcinate B (MAB), 4-Acetylantroquinonol B…etc.), polysaccharides, Adenosine, SOD, Ergosterol, Immune Protein, Vitamin, Nucleic Acid, Amino Acid, Lectin, Lignin, Antrodia Acid, Trace Elements: Ca, P, Ge, Fe, Zn, etc. which are the ingredients identified to be of great potential for human individuals, who received cancer therapy, by immune balancing, liver enhancing, anti-inflammation and blood lipid reduction, anti-oxidation. The major contents of AntroCina are far much more than 10 times of those from Ganoderma Lucidium both in volume and varieties.

AntroCina - a new light for chronic diseases is a fungus forms with plate, bell, hoof, or pagoda shaped fruiting bodies and it is perennial and grows specifically in the tree hollows or the shaded wet surfaces of the Bull Camphor Tree (Cinnamomum kanehirae Hayata), which is a tree officially protected and is endemic to Taiwan. These trees are evergreen broad leaved trees and grow at an elevation of 200 to 1,500 meters above sea level in the natural environment of Taiwan forest. The fruiting body of AntroCina is bright red, but becomes pale reddish brown, pale brown, or pale yellowish brown as it matures. The fungus is also known under its synonyms, such as Antrodia cinnamomea (scientific confirmed since 1995), Niu Chang Chij (local Taiwan name), Antrodia camphorata, and Ganoderma camphoratum have been used and published in international journals.

The origin of AntroCina industry and medical research

In the early days, when Taiwanese aborigines hunt in the virgin forest, it was discovered that AntroCina grew in the decaying and hollow tree hole of the Taiwan Camphor tree and was eaten. Despite its bitter taste, this fungus promotes appetite and has no side effects. A book entitled "Taiwan's General History" has the following records: In 1773, the pioneer Wusha entered eastern Taiwan to clear the land and build new settlements. Wusha had some medical knowledge and was familiar with the indigenous languages, and even married an aboriginal Taiwanese woman as his wife. He found that the aborigines often chewed an AntroCina in the mouth to relieve evil spirits, strengthen muscles and bones, promote blood circulation, neutralize poisons, and activate liver function. After that, the benefits of this fungus spread quickly. Since 1990, more than 3,400 research reports on AntroCina have been published in international journals. Most of them focus on the results of cultivation (38%), extraction (25%) and effective compounds (20%). Since the host tree Taiwan Camphorata is endemic to Taiwan, it is now banned from cutting down this trees. In recent years, the breakthrough in the artificial cultivation techniques of AntroCina has made the collection of raw materials easier and promoted the academic research of this fungus. Recently, there have been about 500-600 research papers on the function of AntroCina, especially according to the traditional usage of this fungus, the potential biological activity against cancer, nearly half of which is against the liver cancer research (44%). The picture in following page as reference

According to the New Illustrated Stout Camphor Mushroom – Antrodia Cinnamomea(新圖解牛樟菇) Chapter VIII, the efficacy of the burdock mushroom reported in the scientific literature


『Through recent scientific research, the efficacy and pharmacological effects of the burdock mushroom have been gradually confirmed and clarified, and the research results have been published in various fields. In the literature, the experimental materials are mostly wild mushroom bodies and liquids. There are relatively few studies on the pharmacological activities of cultured and solid-cultured burdock mushrooms, segmental wood cultivation and dish cultured AntroCina. The bovine mushroom materials for pharmacological experiments, the sources of the research teams, the culture methods and conditions are different, the composition of the components, the proportion must be different, the extraction, the preparation method is the same as the content of the extract It will also have a shadow. Although the journals are published in the name of oyster mushrooms, the results of the experiments should not be confused. …….

The mycelial extract has been reported to have immunomodulatory activity, and it can only be determined that the mycelium produced under this specific culture condition has immunomodulatory effects after being extracted by a specific method, and cannot be inferred from a single experimental result or a journal publication. All mycelial extracts have the function of immunomodulation. The raw materials for pharmacological experiments need to be traceable to the source of production, with clear extraction and preparation methods, including clarification of the contained components, with CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls: Chemical manufacturing and regulation) The pharmacological activity research conducted by the spirit, the experimental results are meaningful and have reference value.

On the whole, the pharmacological activity of AntroCina is still mainly reported by extracts. The efficacy and mechanism of in vitro experiments are more than that of live animal experiments. In the literature, the fruit body and its extract of AntroCina are reported to inhibit liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, growth of blood cancer cells, inhibit lung adenocarcinoma, transfer of blood cancer, and inhibit tumor-resistant glycoprotein. It also has liver protection, immune regulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and memory improvement, anti-fatigue, synergistic effect on clinical drugs, etc. The mycelium and its extract have been reported to inhibit head and neck cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma, and osteosarcoma. The growth of blood cancer cells has anti-angiogenic effects, as well as liver protection, immune regulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-hypertension, and anti-atherosclerosis, anti-embolic stroke, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-acute lung injury, neuroprotection, memory improvement, anti-acute colitis, antibacterial, anti-hepatitis B virus, synergistic effect on clinical drugs, anti-radiation (related to reducing side effects after radiation therapy), etc. . In addition, glycoproteins in the mycelium of AntroCina have been reported to inhibit lung cancer cell growth, protect liver, resist inflammation, and improve benign prostate hypertrophy.

The book’s controversial statement: "The fruiting bodies and mycelium of AntroCina have been reported to have diverse effects. But it does not mean that the consumption of the fungus can get so much biological activity. But basic scientific research results related to medical care is necessary to pass rigorous preclinical tests and human clinical trials before it can be applied to actual treatment..."

However, AntroCina, which is containing more than ten times active ingredients than Ganoderma Lucidum (a traditional medicine that is familiar to the East), is the same as Ganoderma Lucidum - so far no medically completed (like Western medicine) clinical certification and no blinding experiment report (like Western medicine) can be used for the efficacy of certified drugs. However, the statement in the book completely ignores the "integrated visceral health care coordination curing concept of the Eastern Medicine is very different from the “single compound (easy to obtain experimental conclusions) of the Western medicine to kill all (good and bad, survive by percentage)”.    Eastern medicine “to rebuild” the human body by multi-compound was misjudged by the certification system that was built for those of Western medicine “to kill”. It may twist the awareness of AntroCina as an efficient health food.  Today, many Western medical doctors have begun to realize that "Western medicine cannot completely cure cancer disease alone" and have awakened from the arrogance of self-righteousness. Many scientists have begun to seek the "combination of East and West medicine" to make human life truly "rebirth". Taiwan's unique AntroCina is probably one of the most effective, cheapest, and most important cooperative options.

Pharmacological Research and New Drug Development of Taiwan Antrodia

Even so, academicians and researchers from universities and colleges in Taiwan, as well as researchers from private research institutions, are still trying to discover the secrets of AntroCina. They work hard in all aspects of protection, sustainability, and new drug development. In 1990, the official began scientific research in AntroCina. More and more published reports are increasing year by year. Unfortunately, an immature news report on high-dose toxicology of Antrodia camphora in 2013 deeply influenced this area of research, including academia and related industries. However, the relevant industry actively passed the strict 90-day toxicant test to confirm that the accurate DNA strain-certified AntroCina is a non-toxic health food.

The way to new drug

Products made from Taiwan AntroCina released on the market also focus on supporting individuals who have received cancer treatments. Several biotech companies are also exploring the potential for liver protection, anti-inflammation, and blood lipid reduction. Both the Taiwanese government and private enterprises have invested large sums of money into this field. Over six large-scale companies also made projects for developing new drugs based on AntroCina. List of five new drugs developed from Taiwanofungus camphoratus including product code, status, indications, estimated market size, and predicted market in USD. (see next page chart)

Product  Development status  Indication   Estimated Market size Predicted market (10%)


Extraction     Phase I/Iia           Colorectal            5.9 billions              0.59 billions

LEAC-102      (US FDA)             cancer

Extraction       Preclinical           1. Hepatic         0.88 billions            0.088 billions

ET2P3                                        carcinoma

                                                     2. Lung cancer        7.9 billions       0.79  billions

                                                     3. Colorectal cancer  9.4 billions       0.94 billions

OB318    Phase I (US FDA;          Hepatic            0.88 billions          0.088 billions

                           TFDA)                        carcinoma

Antroquinonol Phase I (US FDA) 1. Pancreatic      1.63 billions           0.16 billions                                          

                          Phase I/II (TFDA)     cancer

                                                         2. Lung cancer    7.9 billions            0.79 billions

Not disclosed   Preclinical     Lung cancer (NSCLC)  7.9 billions           0.79 billions


Benefit of Antrodia Cinnamomea (AntroCina)

1.     Detoxification: AntroCina is commonly considered as detoxicant for food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, pesticide poisoning, or even an antidote to drugs, traditionally used for detoxification.

2   Sobering up from alcohol or hangover: AntroCina do help stay sober as it helps to reduce liver damage from alcohol. However, we do not suggest the wrong using of AntroCina purposely for over drink of alcohol or hangover which might still hurt the liver.

3.     Anti-virus, prevention of flu and enteroviruses: The polysaccharide contained in AntroCina is generally considered to activate immune cells, improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, and help prevent influenza and even enterovirus infections.

4.     Anti-allergy and anti-asthma: Effective for allergic symptoms. For those who suffer allergy from food or air will be improved in short period after taking AntroCina, due to the two-way immunity balance-adjusting feature, AntroCina help eliminate allergic reactions in human body

5.     HBV, liver cirrhosis or liver cancer: Triterpenoids and polysaccharides within AntroCina are remarkably effective in liver protection, liver cell proliferation and liver cancer prevention.

6.    Stomach illness, bowel movement improvement and constipation prevention: Studies indicate that bacteria causing gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and constipation can be easily restrained by triterpenoids in AntroCina and hence an easier treatment for these diseases.

7.     Cardiovascular diseases prevention: In addition to lowering cholesterol and grease in blood, AntroCina contains adenosine that controls platelet aggregation so as to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hypotension, arteriosclerosis, etc.

8..   Bone loss: The possibility of bone loss raises as human body ages with fractures becoming easier to occur. Unbalanced diet may also lead to undernourishment. Ergosterol contained in AntroCina is the precursor of Vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium to prevent bone loss.

9.  Kidney related diseases: Triterpenoids and polysaccharides in AntroCina can effectively improve the state of diseases caused by ill kidneys, e.g. nephritis, PRO, uremia, etc.

10. Diabetes: Inadequate excretion of insulin leads to diabetes and even series of complications in human body. Polysaccharides contained in AntroCina provide elements of similar functionality as insulin so that it supplements the inadequate excretion of insulin and help restores the functions of pancreas.

11. Overpowered immunity performance may result in autoimmune diseases causing atopic dermatitis or lupus erythematosus; AntroCina can not only enhance immune system, but also adjust overpowered immunity performance, and hence a relief from these diseases.

12. Freckle removal: It helps to remove black spots, age spots, freckles, sweat stains and zits


The reference of JES bioteam four major AntroCina products

According to the law, all JES AntroCina products have passed the 90days toxic lab test and are with all necessary SGS safety test reports to make sure no toxic and non chemical contents:

A. AntroCina FD1 Fruiting Body Drip Pills of (2.5gm glass bottle, about 90pills) 3% up triterpenoids.

AntroCina MC1 Mycelium Solid Capsules (400mg per capsules)

AntroCina FG1 Golden Capsule Fruiting Body extraction liquid in 143.5mg per soft capsule

D  AntroCina FC1 Fruiting Body Condensed Extraction in 30ml glass bottle with sucking tube,  Suggest only for intensive use by Cancer patient.


                   Suggest For Emergency Symptoms  (1 ~ 3 days)  Immediate Use

To sober up from alcohol orhangover;

Against allergy or asthma;

For detoxification or against diarrhea or


For prevention against flu.

For sudden need takes 1 time a day:

(A)  AntroCina FD1 Drip pills 10pcs or

(B)   AntroCina MC1 solid capsules 4pcs or

(C)   AntroCina FG1 Golden capsule 2pc

*  Add or subtract doses according to individual conditions

                    suggest For Keeping Body Healthy  (1-3 months)  Long-term Use

To relax, enhance strength, improve sleep quality, adjust

immunity, remove discomfort from

PMS, soothe from physical pain,

remove constipation and freckles,

defer senescence, alleviate gouts,

and prevent osteoporosis.


Take 1 or 2 times a day:

(A)  AntroCina FD1 Drip pills 3-5pcs or

(B)   AntroCina MC1 solid capsules 2pcs or

(C)   AntroCina FG1 Golden capsule 1pc

Add or subtract doses according to individual conditions

                  suggest For Cronic Disease       (3~6 months)  Long-term Use

For viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis,

nephritis, urinemia, pneumonia,

diabetes, hyperglycemia,

hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis,

apoplexy prevention, hypertension,

and myocardial infarction.


Take 2-3 times a day with:

(A)  AntroCina FD1 Drip pills 5-10pcs or

(B)   AntroCina MC1 solid capsules 3pcs or

(C)   AntroCina FG1 Golden capsule 2pc

* Add or subtract doses according to individual conditions

                 suggest For Malignant Tumor    (1 – 2 weeks)  Intensive use   


Against malignant tumor and/or

various types cancer already under various therapy.

Take 3 times a day with:

(A)  AntroCina FD1 Drip pills 10-20pcs or

(B)   AntroCina MC1 solid capsules 4pcs or

(C)    AntroCina FG1 Golden capsule 3pcs or

(D)   AntroCina FC1 Condensed 2ml

* Add or subtract doses according to individual conditions

※The dose is based on person weight of 60kgs, for person of 90 persons should increase by 50%
































Cautions of AntroCina Usage

  1. Considering the remarkable detoxification capability, AntroCina suggested better be taken one hour after using Chinese or western medicines.
  2. After taking AntroCina, warm up your body by sports, jogging or walking to enhance blood circulation, increase oxygen inhalation and speed up metabolism.
  3. After taking AntroCina, please drink at least 300cc warm water - at least one bowel movement per day is needed for detoxification.
  4. According to current clinical study, AntroCina has no adverse reactions. Therefore, cancer patients do not need to suspend their consumption during chemotherapy. Combined using could reduce side effects and improve chemotherapy.
  5. Hemophilia patients, baby under two and woman in menstrual period suggest do not take the dose. Suggest do not take the dose for patient two days before surgery operation.
  6. Suggest take the dose before meal. However, for those weak or with Qi deficiency constitution should take right after the meal.

Vertigo Reactions (Dizziness)

In traditional (Eastern) medication or food therapies science, “No recovery takes place when no vertigo shows” is a common sense. Vertigo reactions often temporarily appeared and were usually mistaken as side effect. Instead, it is a sign that recovery has started. Different reactions show up on patients suffering from different diseases after taking AntroCina (see the following chart in next page). Many may deem the reactions side effect or ill reactions and then stop taking it, and hence it always become a waste of all previous efforts. Generally, when a human body with acidic (pH<7) constitution, the blood becomes turbid, pathological changes in organs are expected; cancer cells also favors acidic constitution, therefore it is important to maintain human body in alkaline (pH>7) constitution. To convert acidic constitution into alkaline, a detoxification process is needed for human body, during which various signs or reactions may occur. Such signs and reactions are called vertigo reactions. Such reactions are more possibly found in people with allergic constitution or those who use a lot of chemical medication. Some might stop using AntroCina because the concern of side effect. But please resume the usage. After a certain period of time the reactions will be alleviated and removed.

For the elderly over 55 years old, the body function may have been going downhill, the immune system is declining, and the metabolism is getting worse. Therefore, after taking AntroCina, it is easier to feel the obvious improvement. For those people under the age of 55, the body is comparatively healthier, the effect may not be obvious, but still will feel refreshed after taking it. This should be attributed to the benefits of AntroCina.

For critically ill patients of any age (eg, patients with advanced cancer), AntroCina is probably a life-saving elixir. Its efficacy varies from person to person. A record by the Antrodia Cinnamomea Association of Taiwan Treasure has already shown several (Taiwan、Vietnam) patients of malignant tumor (lung cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma, prostate cancer) have recovered to a healthy state and live the life as usual, but some people can only achieve the effect of inhibiting deterioration and prolonging life. This may be related to each person's physique and illness, but there is still no complete medical report to confirm so far.

The blood will be more turbid when the body has more toxins, which causes various diseases in the organs. So detoxification is very important. When the toxic substances in the body are excreted, various symptoms and reactions will appear at this time. The symptoms and reactions vary depend on the individual's constitution. Some are very light; some are very heavy, and everyone is different. When this [dizziness reaction] disappeared, the person will feel relaxed with full spirit. It's just like trying to clean up the long-uncleaned stinking ditch in front of the door. When you start cleaning up the digging, the smell is overflowing. The dirty things are dug out and cleaned up. It will become clean, just like the body. The phenomenon of detoxification is a temporary reaction, and after a period of time, it will slowly improve.

The simplest reason for the dizziness reaction is "How disease came is the way how disease gone". The symptom that has been experienced before is suppressed or under covered inside by the western medicine, it was not healed, so in the process of improvement it will be exposed again and again, and will be improved repeatedly until the body is completely reconciled.

Dizziness is a temporary phenomenon in eastern medicine or food therapy, and is often mistakenly seen as a side effect of drugs, but it is not a side effect, instead, it is the beginning of improvement. In eastern medical concept, when the dizziness phenomenon appeared, the disease will be cured. Therefore, it’s a saying "where there is no dizziness and where there the symptoms are not cured."  

Dizziness = good progressive reaction = detoxification

People with different conditions will have different dizziness reactions after eating AntroCina. Those who do not understand and thought of it as side effect and stop eating. The previous effort is spared. In order to give people a clear understanding of the reaction, we now sort out the dizziness reaction that occurs in some different diseases after eating AntroCina for readers' reference.

AntroCina is categorized as slightly “cold” in eastern medicine. For patients with “cold” constitution, especially cancer, it is recommended to combine use with Curcumin which is relatively “warm”.

Original Symptoms     Possible Reactions after taking of AntroCin

Acidic Status          Sleepiness, Dry Mouth, Polyuria, Frequent Gas

Liver Disease          Downsiness, Insomnia, Itchi Skin, Bellyache, Vomit

Lung Disease          Chest Tightness, Rapid Breaths, Coughs, Phlegm

Kidney Disease       Waist Pain, Edema, Weariness, Polyuria, Vomit, Diarrhea, High Blood Pressure

Stomach Disease     Stomachache, Cold Sweat, Paled Face, Diarrhea, Constipation, Flatulence, Frequent Farts, Vomit, Headache

Heart Disease          Drowsiness, Cold Sweat, Paled Face, Rapid Heartbeats, Chest Tightness, Sore Throat, Angina Pectoris, Shoulder Pain, Low Blood Pressure, Fever

Eye Disease             Eye Discharge, Tear, Dry Eyes, Bloodshot Eyes, Blurred Vision

Nose Disease           Yellow Sticky Nasal Mucus

Gynecological        Bloodshot secretions, Menstrual Disorder


Allergy                    Urticaria, Diarrhea, Bellyache, Fever, Tinnitus, Unstable Blood Pressure, Frequent Bowel Movements

Anemia                    Cold Sweat, Paled Face, Drowsiness, Physical Sore, Nosebleed

Hypertension           Headache, Drowsiness, Insomnia, Shoulder Pain, Rapid Heartbeats, High Blood Pressure

Hypotension            Headache, Drowsiness, Rapid Heartbeats

Diabetes                  Thirst, Itchy Skin, Slightly Edema, High Blood Sugar

Hemorrhoids           Hemorrhage

Rheumatism            Stiffness, Joint Pain, Swell, Weariness, Fever

All JES AntroCina products are provided by the biotech team member that adheres to the 90-day poison test and were produced with standardized ingredients quality. We have all AntroCina with Taiwan's Antrodia Cinnamomea DNA species identification and strict production batch with HPLC test report by the association as below attached.  Please rest assured to consume it.


Illustration of major contents in AntroCina - From Wikipedia and medical Publication

Triterpene - Triterpene is a class of chemical compounds composed of three terpene units with the molecular formula C30H48; they may also be thought of consisting six isoprene units. Animals, plants and fungi all produce triterpenes, including squalene, the precursor to all steroids.

TriterpenoidsCholesterol is of the simplest but most important triterpenoids. By definition triterpenes are hydrocarbons and possess no heteroatoms; functionalized triterpenes should instead be called triterpenoids. In scientific literature, the two terms triterpene and triterpenoid are used interchangeably. Triterpenoids possess a rich chemistry and pharmacology with several pentacyclic motifs. Lupane, oleanane and ursane show particular promise as anti-cancer agents. Steroids feature a cucurbitane core, although in practice they are biosynthesised from either lanosterol (animals and fungi) or cycloartenol (plants) via the cyclization of squalene. Steroids have two principal biological functions, being either key components of cell membranes or signaling molecules that activate steroid hormone receptors..Triterpenoid saponins are triterpenes which belong to the saponin group of compounds, making them triterpenoid glycosides. Plants produce as part of their self-defense mechanism. Triterpenes are biosynthesized through condensation of two FPP units to form squalene. Squalene serves as precursor for the formation of triterpenoids, including bacterial hopanoids and eukaryotic sterols. Squalene is a valuable compound since it is used as an antioxidant..  

Polysaccharide - are polymeric carbohydratemolecules composed of long chains of monosaccharide units bound together by glycosidic linkages, and on hydrolysis give the constituent monosaccharides or oligosaccharides. Polysaccharides have very distinct properties from their monosaccharide building blocks. Natural saccharides are generally of simple carbohydrates called monosaccharides (CH2O)n where n is 3 or more. Polysaccharides Cx(H2O)y where x is usually 200-2500. (also with formula simplifies to (C6H10O5)n, 40≤n≤3000). Polysaccharides are an important class of biological polymers. Their function in living organisms is usually either structure- or storage-related. Glycogen serves as the secondary long-term energy storage in animal and fungi cells. Glycogen is made primarily by the liver and the muscles, but can also be made within the brain and stomach. Glycogen is analogous to starch, a glucose polymer in plants, and is called animal starch. Having a similar structure to amylopectin but more extensively branched and compact than starch, Glycogen forms an energy reserve that can be quickly mobilized to meet a sudden need for glucose. The uterus also stores glycogen during pregnancy, to nourish the embryo.

(SOD) Superoxide dismutase  is an enzyme that alternately catalyzes the dismutation (or partitioning) of the superoxide(O2−) radical into either ordinary molecular oxygen (O2) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Superoxide is produced as a by-product of oxygen metabolism and, if not regulated, causes many types of cell damage. Hydrogen peroxide is also damaging and is degraded by other enzymes such as catalase. Thus, SOD is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living cells exposed to oxygen. There are three major families of SOD: Cu-Zn-SOD (copper and zinc), Fe-SOD and Mn-SOD ( iron or manganese), and NiSODs (nickel). Three forms of SOD present in human (and all mammals): SOD1 located in the cytoplasm, SOD2 in the mitochondria, and SOD3 is extracellular. SOD1 is a dimer (consists of two units), the others are tetramers (four subunits). SOD1 and SOD3 contain copper and zinc, SOD2, the mitochondrial enzyme, has manganese in its reactive centre. SOD has powerful antinflammatory activity. SOD is a highly effective experimental treatment of chronic inflammation in colitis. Treatment with SOD decreases reactive oxygen species generation and oxidative stress and, thus, inhibits endothelial activation. Therefore, such antioxidants may be important new therapies for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. SOD has multiple pharmacological activities. It ameliorates cis-platinum-induced nephrotoxicity in rodents. As "Orgotein" or "ontosein", a pharmacologically-active purified bovine liver SOD, it is also effective in the treatment of urinary tract inflammatory disease in man. SOD may reduce free radical damage to skin - to reduce fibrosis following radiation for breast cancer. SOD is known to reverse fibrosis, possibly through de-differentiation of myofibroblasts back to fibroblasts. 

Antroquinonol  Molecular Formula C24H38O4  It is in the fermented mycelium of AntroCina and has been found to exhibit potent cytotoxicity against a number of human cancer cell. According to PubChem CID 24875259 - Drug Indication  Clinical Trials FDA UNII, Antroquinonol has been used in trials studying the treatment of Hyperlipidemias, Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Stage IV.

Methyl antcinate A from AntroCina induces apoptosis in human liver cancer cells through oxidant-mediated cofilin- and Bax-triggered mitochondrial pathway.

Message from PubMed: Chem Res Toxicol. 2010 Jul 19;23(7):1256-67. doi: 10.1021/tx100116a.

A study reported by the Department of Education and Research, Taichung Veterans General Hospital

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