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Vietnam partner Ms Truong Thi Bich has already register a new company JES UNI BIOTECH JOINT STOCK COMPANY (CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN JES UNI BIOTECH) in Ha Noi, Vietnam for doing the bilateral import export trade between Vietnam and Taiwan on biotech, food, furniture products and related manufacturing equipments.  Now due to Covid19, we are strongly engaging the medical supply of Nitrile Gloves and the machines. And hope we can help secure the world from pendamic. 

JES AntroCina products has Free Sales Certificates for Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe, Japan and Australia markets issued by Taiwan FDA, MOHW. We started by selecting the identical species of fungus and grow on specific Comphor wood chunk under environment imitating virgin forest.  Both AntroCina mycelium and fruiting body material passed “90days non-toxic animal lab test” requested by Taiwan FDA. All AntroCina food products assign processed by GMP/ISO/HACCP certified food industry. All products are test approved by SGS/Intertek for Non pesticide residues, non toxicity, non microorganisms and non heavy metals, We have HPLC analysis of index components and nutritional components periodically.


Jes Uni started getting into bio-science product development - curcumin material from Vietnam for Taiwan pharmacutical and health food in year 2015.  Beside develop bio-products for international marketing, JES work as Vietnam PICKLED GHERKINS manufacturer GOC's Taiwan exclusive marketing agent since 2017. JES also associated with Taiwan Antrodia Cinnamonea (AntroCina) manufacturing group for Vietnam market by end 2017.  We have officially changed our company name as JES UNI BIOTECH CO., LTD. on March 25, 2019.  JES UNI was assigned by major Taiwan PIC/S GMP pharmaceutical manufacturer HWANG'S as an exclusive agent for Vietnam market.

JES UNI has more than 30 years experiences of marketing and product development on modern furniture and lamps. Major markets today are Europe and Japan. JES UNI, based in Taiwan, is associating with famous European and Japanese designers (such as Mr. Takeshi Nii of Tokushima and Mr. Noriyuki Ebina of Hokkaido). JES UNI is also working on OEM and ODM basis for major marketing tools. We make professional furniture for home, office and commercial space.  

Style, Quality, Service ” is the spirit of JES UNI.  We Made in Taiwan.

Jesse Liau, the president, founded JES UNI CO., LTD. in 1996, united (joint-ventured)  major Taiwan furniture manufacturers and subsidiaries. Today, JES UNI GROUP is a marketing and manufacturing group uniting successfully more than 50 Taiwan leading makers for exclusive R&D and international marketing cooperation. We are unique in Taiwan. JES UNI serves as the marketing, designing and consulting center for the group.


All group members have their own individual specialties of various materials or high technical productions, such as: wood , metal , fabrics , foam, plastic, arcylic, leather, LED, glass and all kinds of finishing. Today, Taiwan modern infrastructure allows us to serve to the universal market very efficiently in sample prototyping, material combining and delivery (trucking, loading and consolidating). We polish for good quality and we strive to approach the beauty of nature with our professional designs and services.




2015年起貫盟開始推展生物科技產品,首先將台灣優質生技健康食品、藥品與生產設備推展至越南市場,且代理越南優良國家實驗室合作生產的高品質原料(如奈米化薑黃 ' 辣木萃取)供給給台灣的藥廠與健康食品廠。寄望讓台灣越南間,產品、廠商、人才、市場優勢可以有長期互惠、良性互動。2017年起,貫盟擔任越南酸黃瓜大廠GOC台灣市場總代理。2018年起貫盟與台灣牛樟芝產業結盟進入越南市場。我們於2019年3月25日起更名為貫盟生物科技有限公司。同時獲得台灣PIC/S GMP 大廠 黃氏製藥授權為越南市場總代理。


JES越南合夥人張玉碧已經在越南申請新的進出口公司從事台灣與越南間雙向經營生物科技產品、食品、家具以及相關的生產機具設備。 現在由於Covid19,我們提供全球丁晴手套與生產機器規劃,盼望能有助於全世界疫情危機盡速解除。



Số 4 ngõ 245 Mai Dịch, phường Mai Dịch, quận Cầu Giấy, TP. Hà Nội.

Điện thoại: +84-862-539-718 ​



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