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Meditation & Qigong - My meridian science for health

《Product Content》:

 Jesse Liau's experience of Gongfu arts for 58 years 

 With the excerpts of Gongfu practices from Mr. Chen Hao Ran - Gongfu Master:

Dharma Yijinging (hand swing gongfu - physique resetting exercise script)

Nei Ba Duan Jin (daily 8 steps body circulation activating self-massage script)

A. Meridian Immune Repair Regeneration System

B. Exercise, Breathing control, Meditation for good health

C. Dharma Yijinjing (Hand Swing Gong Fu)

D. Eight Section Self-Massage Exercise

E. My opinion about high blood pressure

F. Talk about nasal allergy

G. Talk about Cancer therapy and anti-cancer

H. Another miracle - a rebirth - Healed from Cancer

I. About health checking



Since I was at the age of 11, I started to learn from the great white crane Gongfu master Liau Ser in my hometown Hu Wei, Win Lin County, Taiwan and I learned to exercise the white crane, Taijiquan and Qigong. Later, the great Taijiquan and acupuncture master Wu Zhong Ing (then at the age of his 85) had helped to point out my technical blind spot of Gongfu practice. And then another qigong master Chen Hao Ran (then at the age of his 93) shared with me, like a father, the practice of Gongfu living. He was a greatest national drama mask artist who lived a very healthy energetic life well before his end at the age of 97. We served together at the Grace Baptist Church in Taipei. For decades, I enjoyed great healthy and energetic life by the Gongfu practice and qigong meditation for self-regeneration.


These few years, I have suffered painful loses – cancer took my wife’s and good friends’ life. I have very seriously made vital deep studies about therapies of various cancers in the battles I engaged personally. Even though it was too late to realize that I could have save my wife. But I finally realized that it seems the western medical science for cancer curing has gone into the dead end and the widely expected Chemotherapy don’t seems work at all. All just end up a percentage matter of “lasting more months, a year, two years…or more years before the end of their Les Misérables life”. Besides, the super toxic chemo seems create more new fatal cancers in the patient body. No one really survived from solely Chemotherapy to a normal life. And I learnt that more and more intelligent western medical doctors are seeking natural therapies like the Eastern body sciences or herbal medicine or fruit/vegetable diets for the desperate solution to cope with current modern therapy. Since I am well experienced in the Eastern meridian body science, even if it's was too late for my wife, but I think I am oblique to start seriously organized-writing down all what I have learnt or practiced body science to share with friends in order to help more people fight against cancer or for those who need it for a better every day healthier life. I expose the secrets of this amazing grace of God. It’s a magic love that the great Creator originally gifted to all human body. In fact, this natural therapy is an extreme body science and it is far beyond the imagination of the current limited modern medical knowledge.

A.【Meridian Immune Repair Regeneration System】

The most important belief: No matter how deadly the body is severely sick or damaged, every human body cell will surely be gifted the ability to activate, regenerate, and to repair if one has unlimited gratitude, hope and confidence in God the Creator. The person shall be gifted to sleep in peace and wake up next morning with joy.


Western medical study divides the human body into various organs and groups some related organs into systems, such as the cardiovascular circulatory system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the exercise system, the endocrine system, the reproductive system, and the immune system…etc. Clinically, there doesn't seem to be much correlation between the various systems, and there is not much connection between the various organs, as if each organ or system is independent. In fact, after understanding the cancer disease in the human body spreading through the lymphatic infection, then extended to the organs till the whole body consumed, we knew that they are integrated. Eastern medical experience has groups five internal organs in the big classification, and each viscera has a related meridian. In addition to the eleven meridians corresponding to all the internal organs, there are also three main meridians of the meridians – Heart Line, Renmai (Conception Vessel) and Dumai (Governing Vessel) to master control of all and make a total of 14 major meridians. Actually, each meridian has branches and micro branches extending all over the body. There are acupuncture points (Nadis) on each meridian. When acupuncture is used, it mainly stimulates the Nadis on the meridian and the cross Nadis of the related meridians. In addition to the close relationship between the individual organs and their corresponding meridians, there is also a very close relationship between all related meridians and organs. The traditional Chinese (or say Eastern) medical (TCM or say TEM) practice has classifies this as「The five-line theory (gold/wood/water/fire/earth)」. It also explains the balanced relationship between the viscera and the seasonal (physiological clock) changes.


The human body is a subtle big machine, and the internal organs have a very close and balanced relationship with each other. All body cells was gifted to have the function of repairing, activating and regenerating. TEM practice originated from the age of no modern measuring instruments. When there is in lack of digital statistics and anatomical support, it is reasonable to describe it with such natural phenomenon as yin, yang, void, real, qi, blood, water, fire for the balance of system working. Today, even supporting by the scientific equipment and technology, medical science is still premature in knowing about the catalysis and operation of human immunity, cell repair, activation and regeneration. Doctors easily believe in the existence of human blood circulation system, the nerves system, and the lymphatic system by anatomization. But the one denied and ignored and now maybe getting recognized - “the meridian system” is maybe the most important system for human beings. All systems work closely with the meridian “qi and blood” circulation system. I assume that the lymphatic system is the meridian system. The lymphatic and endocrine interactions, the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes (that is the meridians and nadis) spreading all over the body, is the backbone of the human immune system and the pathway of cancer as well. Lymphatic vessels and lymph are transparent and is difficult to be surgery found which lead to a mistake by Western medical science to concluded that there is no lymph in the head. Till 2015 it was first confirmed and corrected by a team led by Drs. Antoine Louveau and Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia School of Medicine that lymph spreads from the back neck to the head.



Lack of imagination and too dare to judge “no exist” by “can’t see it, to see is to believe” is the most ignorant blind spot of empirical the medical scientist.

People are overly trust on the diagnosis of Western MD when doctors using the man-made “hi-tech” instruments to identify disease for spending huge amount of the money, but do not believe (in fact, the most real) the feeling of their own body and the wonderful self-healing gift of the Creator God. People are willing to be kidnapped by the so-called modern medical science! In fact, medical scientists still have extremely limited understanding of complex human body especially in the categories of total endocrine, immune system, human electrical, mental and cellular natural repair and regeneration. However, Medical doctors are so bold and dare to act as God to announce death penalty for patients by saying the patients " live for another three months, half year, one year...". Doctors tend to completely ignore the meridian lymphatic system (that they still doubt about) is the vital one and every human being could learn (more or less) to control the body cells and organs immune activation, regeneration which is the main role of the body healing. Emotion and stress are the most influencing factors for the whole system. The control panel is in the head and the face. The enhancement or the adjusting of Qi is to use the innate vitality to stimulate and control the operation of this lymphatic meridian immune system. Through exercise, adjusting breath, and practicing qigong up to the so-called "qigong state", controlling the body and mind into the "primary baby mimicry stage", and cycle through the system to activate, regenerate, repair, and to promote normal stem cell and macrophages to wipe out the pathogen. With the correct vitality diet, traditional medicine compliment care, modern medical technology and drug to improve the function of detoxification of the internal organs, and to have the opportunity to eliminate “the spoiled twin brother - cancer cells” that are induced in the body, one may restore normal healthy life.


B. [Exercise, Breathing control, Meditation for good health]

The body main meridian axis is Ren Du Ermai (The governing vessels - Sun line and the conception vessels – Moon line). These two major central line meridians form an activating and balancing circulation all the other meridians of human body. The Dumai is moving up via the back side from the perineum, the back spine, the posterior neck to the cerebral ventricle, then go down to forehead and end at upper gum. The Renmai came out of the bottom via the perineum also, yet go all the front way up, pass the Dantian, the heart point, the throat and end at the tip of the tongue. Meridian system map is relatively coping to the lymphatic spreading map. For meridian conditioning, other than acupuncture, nadis massage. Gua sha or chiropractic, everyone could learn to consciously daily practice of sports, Qigong, meditation, and end up to a subconsciously anytime Gongfu breathing to naturally activate and balance it for achieving good health and high-energy:


1. Basic qigong breathing  Keep the face relaxed with youth joy and smile. Feel the body muscles (especially abdomen) tension loosed. The tongue tip lightly licks the inside upper gum. At this point the mouth will produce saliva. Slightly hold the mind hanging on the center top of the head called Baihuei Acupoint which is the natural coordination center point of all meridians. The qigong breathing is like the deep long yawning with belly slowly inhale and sucking till the back feeling slightly fill up, then naturally enjoy the exhalation, this is the basic breathing. After certain breath, if your eyes are slightly closed, you will feel the forehead is bright and you could feel the internal organs slightly squirming as well. Then, you may also feel the Dantian have natural light vibration. Ren Duo's two veins are all through linked and all the twelve meridians will flow smoothly, yet maybe difficult to feeling it. But you will surely be feeling refreshing and enjoyable. This kind of breathing (meditation) can be done at any time around the clock.

2. Boosting Qi  At the time of wakes up, the yang Qi rises from the back of the spine. When we see a baby wakes up and stretches up, the baby face will be swollen and red. This is the natural Yang Qi. Everyone could make good use of this innate yang Qi at this moment. Adults can enjoy such natural Qi by scratching the back on the bed at the time of wake up. You will re-experience this stretching. Then, relax the body to do the Qigong breathing, hanging mind on Baihui. Imagine oneself like a newborn baby, starting to communication with every cell of the body, especially the places need to be cared or cured. You may make several stretches as wished and lasting such movement on bed for at least 15 minutes. You may feel a little stinging on the injured spots since it was curing at this time. Yet, finally you will find new high spirit to start a new day and all tiredness of the previous day will be gone. This is only the natural Qigong yet is the most essential Qi gifted from the God.

3. Balancing Qi  At night before going to bed, it is not suggested to boost Qi, should only do the balancing of Qi to avoid over excited cause it will interfere with the physiological clock to affect sleep quality. When lie on the bed, do the same, feel the joy and thankfulness like a newborn baby. Relax the whole body, feel the softness of the belly, make very mild qigong breathing, hanging mind on Baihui and communicate with every cell of your body (even the fingertips, and of course those of injuries). You will find a peace of mind and will gradually fall asleep very soon.

4. Strengthening Qi  There are many different martial arts to learn. People can play white cranes, Tai Chi, Yoga, jogging, walking, running, swimming, playing tennis, .... …etc. in order to soften the body. In fact, what it necessary is to fully warm up the body before intensive qigong breathing. This warmup will natural massage the body meridian and the organs to clean up the dirt remained. The simplest and easy gongfu is the “Dharma Yijinjing (甩手功) – simple swinging of hand”. This is originated from India and is the Primitive of all Chinese Gongfu . It is the most suitable for those old or sick who are not suitable for intense sports (detailed later). After warming up, then start to practice intensive qigong breathing.

All different Gongfu have different way to strengthening Qi. So, I will not specify any one here. The best to have a professional teacher's guidance or wait till you are very experienced in the practicing of the steps 1, 2, 3 till you know how to do with it.


The only chance to be successful for Qigong is to have a good daily exercise and sporting habit. And live a good bio-clock life.

C. [甩手功Hand Swing Gong] (Dharma Yijinjing)

Excerpt from Mr. Chen Hao ran (1918 - 2014)





(The above is very difficult to translate. I will find way later)

Song for practice



Upper light, base heavy, head like hanging,

Mouth loose, chest retract, back expanding

Lifting the anus, sinking the wrist,

and the toes grab the floor.

Row the boat after the loose of belly.


General practice

"It will have curative effect for severe illness, minor illness, chronic illness or terminal illness":

This body health exercise called “YiJinJing” was first introduced into China from India by the famous Indian monk Dharma Master during the age of Liang Dynasty (around 520 DC ). It is the easiest Gongfu sports for daily practice, yet, it is the exact origin of all Chinese gongfu of today in the later fifteen hundred years (including TaiChi, Shaulin…etc.). It requires little space and can be practiced anytime and anywhere. This needs patience and perseverance. Once practiced every day without interruption, no matter whether serious illness, minor illness or disease of lingering difficulties, there will be some special effects. For those beginners who never experienced such a long-lasting practice may be tired of doing it in the beginning due to the too hard in caring the correctness of every step. But if one think of the greatness of anti-disease or disease curing and continue to practice constantly, miracle will come. He may very soon start belch or even fart during the practice. This proves that the body is amid adjusting. Circulation is good and body tends to belch or fart. It is just the beginning of miracle.

Why this gongfu was called "YiJinJing"? Jing means book, scripture, secret, bible….…etc. “Yi” means change, turn, recover or improve. “Jin” means rib, muscle, meridian, strength, the blood, circulation …etc. spreading all around the body. So “Yi Jin” means to turn from weak to strong and bad to good, to change from block to smooth and old to new, to recover from illness to healthy.

The focus of the exercise on the cycle-repeat-coordinating movement of palms of our hands, the elbows, the heels of the two feet, the toes and the knees are exactly relating to the most important twelve meridians of human body. All meridians are simultaneously affected, and the whole body is stimulated. The telescopic effect getting stronger and will change from abandonment to a new life, from the disease to normal and from normal to a healthy long life.

The “hand swing gongfu” is matching the theoretical basis of Eastern and Western medical science. It promotes the whole-body meridians and blood, and has great functions and relations to the rejuvenation and the regeneration of the viscera of human body. According to the Western medicine, the "heat" and "energy" of the human body are the driving power behind the internal organs. The physiological processes of the human body are the brain's thoughts, the heart's beating, the blood's circulation, and the gastrointestinal motility, etc., all consume a certain amount of "heat" and "energy".

This hand swing exercise enhances the function of the heart, lungs and blood vessels, promotes circulation, and eliminates accumulation of poison. When the circulation of blood is good, the functions of all parts of the body are good, and the whole physiological process of the human body is naturally smooth and healthy for the human body, and it is naturally guaranteed. "Hands swing Gongfu" keep the body upper part soft, under part sturdy and swinging hands like a rolling a boat, automatically and unconsciously mentioning the anus holding up like keeping stop from bowel movement called “TilGanh”. (this TilGanh happened to all sports like jogging, golfing, playing tennis…and all other gongfu, and at this point the two major meridians Ren Du Er Mai is strongly circle-linking and all 12 meridians well motivated together ). Two eyes look at one flat front point. Count the number and gently swinging hands, with three power swing forward against seven power swing backward. Keep ten fingers up at the end of backward swing.

Sixteen Points Should be specially kept in mind during the swinging:


1. The upper body should be "emptiness" - the upper body is completely soft and empty.


2. The lower body part should be "solid" - "solid" is a heavy meaning, imagining that the upper body is light, and the lower body is steady.

3. The head should be "hanging" - "hanging" is imagining that there is a rope hanging from the top of the hair.

4. The mouth should be "natural" - the mouth will be slightly smiling and softly closed.


5. The chest should be "soft" – Imagining the chest soft like cotton, easy and released.


6. The back should be "pull" - "pull" is like pulling something on your back.


7. The waist should be "axis" –like the "axis" of a wheel, imagine your back spine turn left and right.

8. The arm should be "shake" - the arm is like a rowing boat gently shaking.


9. The elbow should be "spinning" - when the hand is swinging, the elbow’s intention is to sink down and put it out.

10. The wrist should be "heavy" - when swinging the hand, feel the wrist is forced backward to keep the finger upward at the end of back swing.

11. The hand should be "row" – Like rowing a boat to swing backwards.


12. The abdomen should be “real" - feel the belly like a diamond to make upper light and under


13. The crotch should be "loose" - the legs are slightly bending (semi-squat), and the crotch is naturally relaxed.

14. The anus should be "lifted" – like holding to stop bowel movement, lift the anus up – “TilGanh”.

15. Heel like the "stone" – keep the hips slightly sinking and straight the waist, naturally the heels are as steady as a rock.

16. The toe should be "grabbing" - imaging that "the toe of the foot seems to have claws on the ground. Involuntarily it will reach the “upper virtual low part reality".


Ten Points that should be noted for practice:


1. Not to do it right after the meal. Suggest do it with an empty stomach and best do it before eating or one to two hours after the meal.


2. Keep the head right straight up and the eyes look forward to a target point.


3. For the first time, the youth should swing at least 500 times, and the elderly for 300 to 400 times. The second day or afterward, should increase at will according to personal physical condition can afford up to 2,000 times which is enough for a break to avoid physical over exertion. But for those seriously ill people, only seek to stand on the mild curved leg, slightly swing the hands, gradually increase and should not be urgently seeking too quick results as it could harm the body.


4. Be sure to count in mind the number of swings, because the counting will ease or release the tension in mind.


5. In order to reduce the burden of counting, you can keep the first one hundred counts on top of the head. Remember the second one hundred on the left ear, the third one hundred on the right ear, and the fourth one hundred on the nose and remember the fifth one hundred count on the mouth. Then the 6th one hundred back to the top of the head and so on for another 500 cycle. By this repeated, the number of two thousand will not be confused.


6. When one first does it, every five hundred times is about fifteen minutes. And It will be about half an hour for one thousand times. Do two thousand times for about an hour.


7. Keep the Chi in DanTian (lower half inch of the navel) will quickly healed the uterus drooping or the stomach drooping disease.


8. It is the best to keep the top of the tongue tip gently pressing the upper gum. Then the mouth is automatically wet by saliva, and the throat will not dry.


9. After the practicing for a long period of time, one can start try stop breathing in 30 times swing (that is, keep the breath shut). It will help stimulating the qi and blood. But if one can't bear such a long time, reduce it at discretion.


10. That will be the best if one can lift anus “TilGanh” and developing from consciously till subconscious. Then, it is getting into a sense of qigong. It will keep the anus not to drop and will start feel the Qi and can at the same time help strengthen the Qi. This will help rebuild the healthy organs.


Now, follow the attached sketches (# 1 to #6) to do the swing

Pay special attention to the following seven points

1. Standing relaxed.

2. The two feet are separated the same width of the shoulders, and the legs are slightly curved and half-squat. Naturally swing the arms back and forth like rowing boat and it will reinforce the leg strength. All the foot toes have meridian connecting to the internal organ. Curve the legs to prevent heart disease.

3. Keep the head flat, look at a front point and start think of the movement.

4. Swing the arm without force to the front till 90-degree and the heel sinks, breathing out, keep the tip of the tongue lick on the top gum, shrinking the belly, lifting the anus,

5. Start to swing arms backward like rowing boat with some power while the toe holding the ground, breathing in and start counting in mind the number, two wrists and arms turn backwards till 45-degree and keep the fingers and palms bending upward at the end. Remember to use the moving power rate for going forward/backward is 3/7. And the chest is naturally expanding.

6. It is the best to hold the breath after the inhale of air and resist as much as possible. Will feel the effect very soon as the gas in the internal organs start to work, stimulate the changes in internal viscus, and the muscles of the limbs can increase the visceral oxidation.

7. At first, the legs may be slightly sore. But one must sustain as much as possible. Even it could be difficult to walk right after finish. But after a while, will feel that each step very easy, especially going up and down the stairs.


Possible treatment outcomes of various diseases:


1. For malignant tumor or cancer: Should practice three times a day. Each time 2000 hand swing. Totally 6,000 swings per day.

2. For the stroke: Should swing hand every day for a long period of time constantly, so that the body connection from the center of the brain to the limbs changed, and of course the blood vessels are also changing, so that the part of the embolism can also be passed through. Once the blood is unimpeded, the brain nerves can command the hand and foot activities sufficiently.

3. For arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis: By the hand swinging can first improve blood circulation and the bowel movement smooth and will raise up appetite as well and the liver gradually awaken from the stagnant state, restore normal function, then can be healed with this new spirit and force.

4. For high blood pressure: The scope of dizziness is mostly caused by long-term mental stress, emotional agitation, debilitating loss. Doing this swing makes the human body in good balance, and the blood are harmonious and smooth, which can relieve mental stress and eliminate anxiety.

5. For arthritis pain: The swing effective to the body's twelve meridians, especially the meridians of the hands and feet - three yin and three yang meridians

6. For neurasthenia: Keep swinging will help build up spirit and drive away the evil spirits and will be able to get rid of the problem.

7. For heart and kidney weakness: The swing can drive away the obstacles of meridian obstruction, speed up the blood flow, brings good appetite. By the shoulders moving, the qi between the stomach and organs are increased, and the heart is in good balance. When the blood function is greatly increased, it is conducive to the new role of breathing, so the pain of the kidney is also relieved.

8. For other diseases: The swing is effective for the eyes, such as trachoma, color blindness, eyelid sores, presbyopia, and special effects, but myopia must wear glasses. As for the uterus sag, the drooping stomach, because when doing swing, automatically push the Qi go to Dantian and keep the anus lifted, the effect will be very good. And for hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse. Hernia pain, small bowel pain, by doing the hand swing, should be greatly improved in one month. Please firmly believe that "patient and persistence are the foundation of success."

9. For asthma, insomnia! If do the swing in good faith will make sure good sleep for the night. Just one week the Asthma and Insomnia will be gone.


D. Inner Eight Section Finger movement(内八段锦)

Do it in the bed when wake up every early morning

First, the head:

1. Cover the ears with both hands and hit with the forefinger slip down from the middle finger (to gain the power) to knock on both backside of the head a hundred times.

2. With both hands' index finger and middle finger rubbing in the two temples a hundred times.

Second, the eye: cover the eyes with both hands, move around a hundred.

Third, the ear:

1. Cover both ears with both hands and open /cover for 100 times.

2. Rubbing the ears (right and left) by the thumbs and the bended forefinger downward a hundred times.

3. Insert two forefingers into the two ear holes and rotate for a hundred times.

Fourth, the nose: rub one hundred times on both sides of the nose with both forefingers.

Fifth, the chest and abdomen:

1. Right hand turn circle on the chest and turn left hand on the abdomen a hundred times.

2. Left hand turn circle on the chest and turn right hand on the abdomen a hundred times.

Sixth, the waist: rubbing the both side waist up and down one hundred times at the same time.

Seven, legs and feet:

1. Rub both left and right thighs and two calves one hundred times with both hands.

2. Rub the left foot palm with your right hand and rub the right foot palm with your left hand for one hundred times.

Eight, the groin: Rubbing the two sides of the groin with two hand for one hundred times


E. My opinion about high blood pressure

I am surprised that the United States has lowered the standard of hypertension from 140/100 to 130/90. I wonder if Taiwan medical management system will follow! If this is the case, then all the people will be blood pressure patients in the future, half of them take low blood pressure drugs, and the other half takes high blood pressure medicines. The pharmaceutical factories make good profit. Incredible! Basically, blood pressure lowering drugs only reduce the measured data and do not actually change any physical state of the blood vessels. (Refer to "Medical Key"


The data measured by blood pressure can't really show the true body health condition. It only shows everyone’s own record. My case as an example, I donated blood every half a year in the blood donation car in front of my church before I was 65 years old. Once I have just finished chorus singing, I went to donate blood. As usual, they check blood pressure for me. This time, it was 139/101. The nurse said: "The blood pressure is too high, you can't donate". I must sit a while for rechecking. After that, the new number was 138/99. I was accepted now. I lay down on the blood donation bed. Only one minute after the pump started sucking my blood, my blood-sucking machine make a bi sound show the bag was full. All other five donators in the car astonished because theirs were still sucking, some even over twenty minutes. I ask the nurse: "How come so fast?" She said: "Possibly because your heart is too strong, and the blood vessel wall is too elastic." Hey! Wasn’t it the blood pressure number just indicating that I was already on the verge of being rejected to donate? How could a person with "strong heart and good blood vessel wall” just almost refused by the blood pressure machine?


I am a man never had a break from sports since I was young. I am super good fitness. The fastest record of 100 meters is 11 seconds. I played football and was rugby captain in the College team. Then, I played tennis, table tennis, golf, and now I continue to play tennis. And, since the age of 12, I learned Baihequan, Taiji. I have Qigong in me all the time. How could the sphygmomanometer data be so unreasonable wrong judging a healthy person like me!


In fact, a person's blood pressure varied every hour in a day. Different person's physical measurement has different meanings. Knowing this, we don't have to blindly eat the harmful blood pressure lowering medicine (poisons). When feels uncomfortable (ex., headache), should make some moderate exercise right way to ease it. I do not want to completely deny the merits of Western medicine or technique treatment (especially about infectious, viral diseases, disability surgery), but about human health care, especially about allergy, immunity, regeneration, repairing, their knowledge is limited. Keep good working spirit, stay with good exercise habits, raising vitals, meridian acupuncture and massage, or even Eastern medicine pathology to help with the deployment is the way to healthy life. In particular, the treatment of cancer diseases that more and more people are facing does require considerable conceptual adjustment.


F. Talk about nasal allergy

Thirty years ago, I always had dozens or even hundreds of sneezes every morning when I got up, especially in the winter. After I practice Gongfu or doing exercise to warm up, it was soon improved. But it happened again the next morning. I often teased at myself: "A hundred sneezes to make an emperor (the same sound), and I have been an emperor for several terms already." Sometimes I catch cold and took medicine and mostly at the end of the cold I start to sneeze heavily. The doctors say that it is allergic rhinitis and ask me to pay more attention to keep the nose and mouth warm. This has been troubled me a long while until later I went to see a great acupuncture and TaiChi gongfu master Wu Zhong Ing, who was then 80 years old. He was bald yet he was with a shiny face. My allergy was healed. Mr. Wu noticed that I have practiced martial arts and practiced qi. He reminded me that my face, nose and mouth are too tight by some tension and the meridian is not smooth. He suggested me to rub and press my nose on the acupuncture points both sides of the nose. On top of that I should keep my face loose without tension and should keep smiling most of the time. And it works well since then and no more morning wake up sneeze due to cold air. Sneeze happened only when sudden irritating or the dust or special odor in the air attacked me.


Few years ago, nasal congestion hit me again due to a cold. I went to see a doctor and he said that I had nasal polyps and my nose was bent and suggested to take electrotherapy and laser burns. I refused. I started an eastern food therapy. I drank a mixed juice of fruit and vegetable by pomegranate, pineapple, onion, ginger, and white radish every morning. At the same time, I recalled the words of Master Wu Zhong Ing and started seriously to ease the face tension. I did a psychological construction for the 15 minutes before and after sleep by imagining myself a newborn with happy smile to relax my face. With the qigong breathing that I had learned, I started to balance my Qi. Very soon, all problems gone, and I am completely healed since then. Besides, I started to feel all the meridians run smoothly, the fatigue of the previous day's exercise or work recovers very faster, even every time when I was injured due to sports, the restoration of the limb is super-fast. It should be due to the great help of food therapy and meridian balancing to end up with such a good result.


Qigong breathing should have the tip of the tongue light touch the top of the gums (will produce saliva). Here is the place where Ren Duo is connected. The whole area from the throat, nasal cavity to forehead is the human body's weather station and nervous system. It is the most compact position and is the control hub of the human meridian circulation. It is the most sensitive immune system reflection area of the human body. Due to the various air pollution of today on earth, a normal and healthy body surely will get allergic response. For serious nasal congestion, occasionally use a nasal spray is okay. But one should never let the external force (laser, electrotherapy, surgery) arbitrarily destroy this precise organ. Only need to control it for not overreact and viciously cycle. That is to keep relax with joy and nature, slightly hang the mind on Baihui, let this precious sensitive reflex zone not only no overreact, but also let it guide the immune, regeneration, repair system of the whole body cells, and give play to the Creator's reward - a priceless treasure's self-healing function.


G. Talk about anti-cancer

My 20-year long-term partner, Mr. Lai, after a year and four months of hard fighting against cancer, died at the last day of 2017. In August 2016, he was checked to find a very serious cancer and he asked for my help to go Orgatec, an exhibition in Cologne, Germany in October. He himself started a hard chemotherapy journey.


To face cancer, most of us (with a sense of obedience to science) is accustomed to believe in Western medicine and technique of science (like me and my wife), no matter whether after a surgery operation, electrotherapy or laser cutting, all finally started to be brave to suffer from the chemotherapy. Mostly do not believe in (doctors do not recommend as considered to have no scientific basis) other private medical remedies like Chinese medicine, hunger therapy... or the (fruits and vegetables) food therapy recommended by many authors of books illustrating their successful experience in cancer fighting. People tend to believe in Western medicine and chemotherapy until the day they can eat no more. They all out of shape till skinny to skinny and then died in the end.


More and more friends around me who are cancerous do not want chemotherapy. They would rather experience other therapy like diet, Qigong or even long travel. Many of them are still good after several years, and even some are finally healed completely. My wife started with colorectal cancer in 2011. After the operation, the body weight and physical strength recovered very well till she can eat 80% amount of the normal person. After the operation, the doctor and friends all suggest that she should start chemotherapy when her body weight regained. So, we found the most outstanding doctor in a large hospital and started the lengthy monthly chemotherapy without hesitation. My computer recorded all chemotherapy, medication, data, and index. I knew that her blood leukocyte dropped heavily to a very low level after chemotherapy. She lacked immunity. In order to avoid nosocomial infections, I requested the hospital to arrange a special single room every time. At home, I cooked for my wife. My wife’s sickroom in the hospital and my home became my workshop. I use mobile phones, computers to contact my suppliers, customers, and my office. From the beginning of her illness, I went to the bookstore to find all the books about cancer, the causes, the therapy and the prevention. I have also read many academic studies on cancer around the world. Many friends introduced various remedies, and some books recipe suggested that it is best to drink mixed juice of fruits and vegetables by high-speed juicer machine or slow-grinding juicer. I have a friend Bich who once had a 3cm diameter malignant tumor in the posterior pituitary behind her left eye ten years ago. Her optic nerve was hard-pressed badly. Her doctors dare not do the surgery operation. She had found her own method. She finally using slow-grinding juicer mixed her own vital diet juice of fruit and vegetable for drinking every morning lasted five years. In the end, the 3cm tumor was gone and she was healed by then. Now she is completely back to normal healthy life.

A tomographic scan or X-ray done every other time shows that my wife's liver cancer tumor is getting bigger and bigger. We must start considering alternative therapy like fruit & vegetable diet. But since blood leukocyte are always too low (reduce immunity) after each chemotherapy. We were afraid and dare not to try any diet therapy. One morning in the eighth month of therapy, when the group doctors came to the patrol the room, I asked: "Dr. X, why the tumor has not become smaller". He seriously looking at my wife, in front of his big team of ten doctors and nurses, he said no word and with deep painful face. And when walked out of the ward, he pulled me aside and told me: "The chemotherapy will not shrink the tumor" and then hurriedly walked away. I came in and told my wife: "Weird, why Dr. X doctor said that chemotherapy will not shrink the tumor?" My wife guessed that my question is maybe pushing him too much and make him angry. However, we still do not dare to stop chemotherapy and did not try other way.


When the chemotherapy is done in the thirteenth month, I can see that my wife really can't go on this therapy anymore. When we are determined to stop and turn to food therapy, I called my friend (Dr. X’s brother in law) asked him to inform Dr. X that we wanted to suspend chemotherapy for fruit/vegetable food therapy. Reaction from my friend shocked me. He said, "What! She hasn’t started eating (fruit/vegetable food therapy) yet? I started eating it on the first day, and now all indexes are normal." My friend checked out prostate cancer three months ago. I finally understood that only doctor's family knew not to do chemotherapy but do the diet therapy first. By this time, my wife’s tumor had grown too big and squeezed to flatten the entire stomach so that she was completely unable to eat. And she was soon consumed.


Now I think that Dr. X had committed in the end a great risk and bravely revealed to me the secret that "Chemotherapy will not cure cancer at all." I thought Dr. X knew who I was because every time he come to our ward; he was very kind to us. Hence, I never mention about my relationship with his brother in law. But I was wrong. He didn’t know at all. If he knew, he might have told us in private the truth and suggested us to stop the chemotherapy or at least asked us to do the diet therapy earlier. It is a secret that cannot be exposed. Coincidentally, in the end, Mr. Lai was chemo-treated by Dr. X, and they all end up with our heartbreak. I am not blaming the doctor. I knew they were doing their best. Suffering from cancer is indeed a painful tragedy. I will never believe in Chemotherapy any more after experiencing the painful loss of my wife and friend Lai. I do not consider chemotherapy as a righteous medicine.


Everyone says to the chemotherapy patients: "You are so brave!" In fact, it is half true. When people understand how the patients suffer from such non-human tortures accompanying the heartbreak of the patient's family. People should say: "You are so pitiful!” Chemotherapy makes the patient no longer live a normal life and was cruelly tortured before they died. The medical statistics are just numbers: "The percentages of surviving another month, half year, a year or two years...” No one really survived from Chemotherapy to a normal life. It seems that once a person was marked as cancer patient will be sentenced by the judge for a series torment before their death. The patient's family, with love, will surely sacrifice everything to accompany him and regard the chemotherapy as the unique hope of life. All trust and cooperate with the doctors. But all end up with the painful relief. The secret is: "chemotherapy is taking advantage of human nature". Both patients and their family feel that sacrifice is worthwhile. If don't do it, the patient is not brave. If the family doesn't support it, they have no love. In fact, super expensive chemotherapy is a big scam. It's all about money. Chemo just won’t cure cancer.


The most commonly used chemotherapeutic drug, 5FU, is a Super Toxic Poison. When it attacks the "victim", it kills (especially the internal organs) good and bad. After chemotherapy, the patients had remained only a half-life without any resistance to disease. They are afraid of fresh raw food, infection, a cold, wind, and rain. He must immediately start supplementing nutrition to prepare for the next "killing." In fact, most of the nutrients that they just strived into the body will be taken away immediately by cancer cells (especially the digestive system). The cancerous tumors continue to grow, and the body is getting thinner and thinner, so their normal cells are "killed" again and again. Even the strongest body can't stand and be torn down. Initially, I thought that it was inevitable to lose the war against the chemotherapy and cancer for my wife who didn't like sports and weak. But it is the same for my good friend and partner Mr. Lai who was well trained as The Navy SEALs (we called Sea Dragon Frog Soldier in Taiwan) and a golf champion - both hard to escape from the slaughter.


Western society is also beginning to suspect that chemotherapy is a scam. Many people even started to consider overcoming the cancer disease by studying meditation, Qigong or food therapy. A widely spread film on the web revealed by an American cancer doctor disclosed that this is a scam (The Truth About Chemotherapy – Toxic Poison or Cancer Cure? *) . He said: "Chemo itself is a matter of money. Chemotherapy does not cure cancer. But every time doctor use expensive chemotherapy will get a high rebate into his pocket." My study is "Every human body has more than two hundred cancer cells generated each day, and all of them killed by the immune cells in the body. When people eat the cancer-favorite food and lack of exercise to eliminate toxins, once the human body is weak or even in the bad mood, these cancer cells will not be killed, they will accumulate and grow into tumors. I have another peculiar idea: God created species and do not want the same race to eat each other. Once a species eat food that is closer to the species own DNA, mutation of cells could happen. Just like the Mad cow disease was suspected to be caused by the cattle have eaten the food contains dead cow corpse or the AIDS was caused by people eating monkey orangutans. Human beings do not have to be pure vegetarian. However, it is better and necessary to sort the diet amount by the proportion of DNA distance. My suggested prioritization order is plants (vegetables, cereals,) Insect, fish, chickens, ducks, birds, sheep, and beef and finally the pig. Cancer cells don't like raw fruits and vegetables, even peels and seeds, so it is reasonable for cancer patients to eat these to help fighting cancer.

A completely healed miracle – Mr. Zhuang Chun Din of FengYuan

Before I went to Germany, my good friend in FengYuan took me to visit his 77-year-old friend Mr. Zhuang who had the last stage of deadly lymphatic cancer 14 years ago. Doctor opened his stomach and sewed it back right away, assuming him to die very soon. He took chemotherapy in the beginning, and then started to try Eastern remedies and the diet therapy. He also went to a local religious party and started learning meditation Qigong. When I saw him, he was fully recovered from illness up to perfection (see photo). And he even healthy progressed and looks almost the same age as me. I asked Mr. Zhuang shared his experience to Mr. Lai on the phone. Mr. Zhuang gave Mr. Lai a book of anti-cancer written by Mr. Li Kai Fu, also a winner and a success executive of computer science industry in Taiwan. He gave me a page copy of his anti-cancer experience manuscript:


1. One should let go everything (understand life or death are both part of a life).

2. Family members should care with love and patient.

3. Family members (also patients) should be in good harmony with doctors.

4. Should combine using both Eastern and Western medicine.

5. No eating remedies.

6. It is okay eat health food (like supplemental nutrition, but it is not a medicine, should consult

Eastern and Western doctors for it).

7. Not to east food of too hot or too cold, not during therapy (try as little as possible afterward).

8. Try not to catch cold during therapy (immune will be suddenly dropped) and family members

should pay more care.

9. Should live a regular life (after illness).

10. Appropriate exercise (after illness).

11. God help those who helped themselves.


I agree to all points above except one point I have a little different opinion. That is point 3. - I can no longer fully trust doctors already. People should have their own idea and insist on their way for correct therapy. So long as a person can eat food, he should start a diet therapy. Especially for those cancer in the digestive system, don't do chemotherapy. Should keep maintain proper exercise every day and meditate to strengthen the immunity and keep oneself happy with joy of life. The truth about chemotherapy website (*) illustrated:

The serious toxic effects of chemotherapy have long been ignored by virtually everyone in medicine and the federal government. Chemotherapy drugs have always been assumed to be safe just because they’re used to treat cancer. This is an outright lie! The truth is that chemo is toxic, carcinogenic (causes cancer), destroys erythrocytes (red blood cells), devastates the immune system, and destroys vital organs. 


The lymphatic (meridian) system is the core of the human immune system, and the pronucleus of development is in the spinal cord. Therefore, meditation can trigger immunity, regeneration, repair, and even optimize cancer cells. But these maybe are not the focus of modern medical research. Modern medical science has created an all-encompassing health check-up instrument. Everyone expected doctors find sickness names for whatever disease he might encountered whenever they go to see a doctor. Medical scientists have also invented many inexplicable disease names such as high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, old man dizziness, menopause, etc. It seems that when people of certain age should get the same illness they invented. Those names are convenient for pharmaceutical company to invent coping medicines that they think can be targeted for fill up their pockets. For those diseases that they still found no ways to cure were called "cancers". These cancer or tumor will accompany and coexist with everyone whole lifetime. I suggest don't first consider chemotherapy. Should just first change to good eating habits, good spiritual sustenance (including love and faith), good life clock, singing, exercise, practicing Qigong and live with joy of life. This will be a hundred times much better than to live a torturous life of non-human chemotherapy.


After my two painful lessons, I no longer believe in the physical examination of doctors and hospitals, as the author of the book "Medical Key", the well-known Eastern medicine practitioner Peng Yu Jin said: "The human body is the most sensitive testing instrument. No feeling of discomfort means any sickness. Whenever feel uncomfortable, the best medicine is to adjust to a normal life clock, healthy eating, maintains adequate daily exercise, and use appropriate herbal medicine to regulate physical fitness. Almost all my good friends or my friend ‘s grandparents who ever lived up to the age of 100 years old always proudly said that their health insurance cards were never used. It means they never see doctors. They all take good daily exercise, farming their vegetables for food, early to bed and early to rise, eating simple meal. I think it shouldn't because they are just out of lucky. Instead, they all have a set of self-healing therapy that allowed cells to be revitalized and regenerated. “Never see doctors” means they will never be marked down as "patients" of any sickness by a doctor for consuming medicines or taking X-ray. I have a lot of doctor friends in my tennis club. They all have good sports habits. The truth is: Doctors don't eat medicine because medicines are only for "patients" to eat! Ha!

*Doctor key

*The truth about Chemotherapy

H 【Another miracle - a rebirth - Healed from cancer】

March 2017, I went to the Vietnam Cancer Hospital to see my friend Bich's mother. She had lung cancer, bone cancer, and even subcutaneous cancer. The doctor asked her family to be prepared because she could only survive for another three months. At that time, she could not eat anything. She vomited whenever she ate and could not walk off the bed. I asked her to try eating MORINGA powder which is a high concentrated amino acid eucalyptus powder produced by a Vietnamese friend of National Biotechnology. She took it and didn’t vomit. I gave her to eat another bio health food product "Nano-Curcumin" powder which I represented for my Taiwan market. It was produced by the cooperative bio-team of the Vietnamese National Laboratory and the British biotechnology. I told her that she would be good, and suggested she must sometimes get off the bed, go out of the building to take a walk. At noon that day, when I was eating Vietnam cuisine "Phu Bo" with her daughter Lien in the restaurant downstairs, she was coming down led by her son Ping. I accompany walked her fifteen minutes. Although she vomited several times, I have seen her will to survive. After she got the matched target chemo medicine, she went home, and her son Ping took good care of her 24 hours. Currently, she even prepares photos and clothes for her own funeral. And Bich's father already ordered a coffin. Ping forced her to eat every meal fresh cooked food especially fruit and vegetables from their own garden. She also ate boiled fresh shrimp and chicken heart (heart is the cleanest organ, heart temperature is the highest, cancer cells are afraid of high body temperature and we have never heard of heart cancer). She ate and vomited and was forced to eat again and again by her son. Magically, last October she is still alive, and I gave her another bio health food from Taiwan - the extraction of high quality Antrodia Cinnamomea as I am the exclusive agent of the association for Vietnam marketing. It is precious and expensive item. Yet, I asked her to consume it without hesitation. The Miracle happened! The beginning of 2018, she turned out to be very much better. All checking results in February illustrated that cancer cells and tumors were completely gone. And the index was completely normal. By what exact factors we didn't know. Then, the other two double checks (April and June) bear same result, cancer was gone, she was already back to normal healthy. I went to see her in August 2018, she was very happy to hug me and speak with laughter and tears. I guess the loves of her family, her will for survive, natural life diet therapy, eucalyptus nutrition, nano curcumin and Taiwan AntoCina worked together is comprehensive for such a joyful result.


I think that the focus of modern medicine should be to explore the problem of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, and the doctors should let go of the narrow mind and should try to accept the combination of east and west in order to reach the goal - completely heal the patients. Surgery, prevention and detection of epidemic diseases, the scientific study of Western medicine is indeed well developed, but the internal immune system, the strengthening of the internal organs, self-therapy and regeneration....qigong immunomodulation, nourishing the heart strong concept of qi and blood ....etc. these Eastern medical science concept (assisted with modern quenching technology and compound formula and scientific statistical experimental methods) should be cooperating with the current stem cell proliferation. Lymphatic immune system should be echoed by both Eastern and Western medical science. But unfortunately, it is not easy in practice. Eastern medical science (diet therapy and Qigong meditation) is often mistaken for unscientific and difficult to promote. Most people think of Western medicine as scientific and never consider the Eastern therapy (specially to care the liver and kidney) till they are almost dying, hopeless and mostly too late. In fact, even for young man, should start paying attention to care for the life with healthy diet, good life clock, enough exercise for detoxification, and practice qigong to activate immune function for forever young.


I. About health checking

Last year (2018) my son and my daughter pushed me to do a health check. I have never done it in 68 years because I always feel that the health checkup tends to "tagging" a normal person into a patient. I have always opposed to it. My son asked my friend Bich, a contracted translator at the International Medical Center of Formosa Hospital and a nursery trainer for Formosa Health Village, said: "Auntie Bich, my father seems to have forgotten how old he is, please help arrange a total health check for him". It’s hard for me to say "no". Finally, on September 18, 2018, I was a-day-kidnapped by the hospital to enjoy a five-star service for my total body checking.


Originally, I thought, my wife died due to cancer and if I was checked out to find any polyp in my large intestine or even a colorectal cancer, I won’t be surprised, and I would accept it. I asked to cut polyp if doctor find any and to tie it off if find any hemorrhoids. However, the result was a total surprise to me. The endoscope shows a super clean stomach and intestine, and even no hemorrhoids. The doctor said that my bone is the same good quality as those of 30-year-old. The muscles are "very strong". He said could not find any problems that all old man should have. The blood vessels in the brain are very clean, and the brain size is full without any gaps. The index is super good. He said only the blood pressure 140 is slightly high, the nurse even asked me to consider taking blood pressure lowering drugs. I said “no”. In fact, it’s stupid to think of me as high blood pressure. (,

revealed by Dr. Herbert Mendelsohn, who refer "high blood pressure" as a big scam and I support his theory. I am a sportsman and a qigong master. If I don't feel headache or dizziness, this pressure data is no problem at all. Whenever I feel a little uncomfortable or minor headache, I will go on some sports till sweating. It promotes circulation and metabolism, replenish water and moderate nutrients. After taking good rest, I will soon feeling great and comfortable. The pharmaceutical factory wishes everyone consumes blood pressure medicines (hypertension take blood pressure lowering medicine, low blood pressure takes blood pressure raising medicine). In fact, blood pressure lowering drugs just help to reduce the number on the instrument, there is no physical change. These poisons will just damage all organs and produce many diseases. But modern medical science is covering up this fact.


Every time I traveled back from one- or two-weeks foreign trip without sports, the sweat of the first tennis game would make my face very stinging (it could be very sour or very salty) and need to hurry washing my face. The next game or the following days will be fine. So, it shows that the human body's metabolism produces these toxins which really need to be eliminated by the sweat from exercise. If not, it will inevitably bring lesions. My healthy is not accidental, because I have maintained the habit of exercising for decades, swimming, playing football, playing rugby …etc. from my youth. Now I still play tennis, golf and gongfu. Every night before sleep and every morning after wakes up I would practice qi and meditation for more than fifteen minutes, and I communicate with all the cells in my body and experiencing the “living joy” of autologous visceral cells activation, regeneration and repair.


Sport is important to health, yet it is not all. A good diet is also one of the reasons why I am getting healthier now.

 In the past seven or eight years, my dietary habits changed. I used to eat outside due to my job. In fact, eating out is maybe the worst for health. I have changed the prioritization order sequence from fruit, vegetable, grains (rice, for example), fish, meat which should be a good reason of getting away from cancer and sickness.


Rice is a kind of starch, a polysaccharide. Polysaccharide is dehydrated by a plurality of monosaccharide molecules and linked by glycosidic bonds to form a linear or branched long chain. After hydrolysis, the corresponding monosaccharides and oligosaccharides are obtained. Polysaccharides are often composed of slightly modified repeating units. Generally, sugars (such as glucose, fructose, and glyceraldehyde) present in nature are monosaccharides, and the formula is (CH2O)n. The formula of the polysaccharide is CxH2O)y, where x is usually between 200 and 2500. Polysaccharide is an important biopolymer, a cellulose and chitin that stores energy and structure. Animals also store energy in hepatic glycopolysaccharide (Glycogen, also known as animal starch), which metabolizes faster glycogen to make animals more active. The uterus also stores glycogen during pregnancy to nourish the embryo. Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles. It is the animal's energy reserve, the main form of carbohydrates in the body. There is an important new discovery theory: rice is actually a food that is difficult to digest, so the body needs extra energy to digest it. And this energy comes from fat. Therefore, when we eat more, our stomach and intestines will consume fat in order to digest the rice, so rice eating can reduce our fat. And rice eating feel satisfaction and can make our stomach work for seven to ten hours no feeling hungry. Another great benefit is that it will make our blood sugar very stable. People (including doctors) mistakenly consider rice as sugar and suggested less rice eating was wrong.


It’s very strange the checking shown that the hemorrhoids that have troubled me two or three decades was gone! Six months ago, I start to take Antrodia Cinnamomea (AntoCina), 6 drip pills per day. Even though I have been professionally working on this high-quality bio-product for two years because I am exporting to Vietnam as an exclusive agent for the association to Vietnam national hospitals, I was hesitated to eat it myself. I thought I am so healthy, and I should not need such an expensive pill and I thought it could be but a waste! But finally, six months ago, I decided to taste myself just wish to know what will could happen to a healthy person. I wonder if it is because of this. Maybe that’s why! Another miracle?!

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