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11 Fishes Story

《Specification 》:

"Eleven Fishes Story"

After reading this story to subvert your health concept (to understand the relationship between Traditional Eastern Medicine (TEM) and Western Medical Treatment (WMT) for health, and to learn why we can achieve the effect of healing the disease by reconditioning our body), also to understand more about the important food related to "health and disease", the functional herbal products such as Antrodia Cinnamomea and Curcumin and others…..etc. could be useful solution.

Let’s first imagine that if there is a pond raising 11 fishes in it, what is the surviving resource of the fish? Water! The quality of the fish is determined by the quality of the water. If there is a problem with the water quality, will the fishes grow white spots, fish scales fall off and will the fishes then die? Yes!

Then ask everyone a question, is it useful to change fish or throw away fish? It is Useless! What do we have to do? Change the water quality! So, that is why we can take care of the disease by ourselves. There are 11 fishes in our body. These 11 fishes are called by TEM as “5+6 internal organs(Wu Tsan Lio Fu)”. Why do we say that? Because 70% of our body is water and 80% of our blood is water. Therefore, internal organs are soaked in water. What is the resource of our 11 organs? Is it raised by our blood? Then, what determines the quality of it? Is it determined by body physical fitness? How can I know if my physique is good? We go to the hospital for blood sampling, urine test, laboratory tests. When we check our physique, we will definitely find an indicator called "lipid concentration". In other words, the fat content of your blood exceeds the standard. Once it is high, it is called "sticky blood fat". In fact, means there is more oil in the fish pond; there is also an indicator called “uric acid”, which is the acidity that is originally discharged. The substance, which is not discharged now, stays in the body and is called uric acid, which means that the acidic substance in the fish pond exceeds the standard; you may also ask, is there also the index of " Serum Glutamic-Oxalocetic Transaminase (SGOT)". Which organ is the function of this check? It is used to check the liver. What does the liver do? Liver is doing detoxification. The SGOT test is the function of the liver. Where is the blood drawn for liver function test? Is it on the arm. The liver function test takes the blood on the arm, because after the liver detoxification, blood should be clean running round on every street in the community. If the garbage treatment function is normal, the street will be clean. But if there is a problem with the function of the garbage treatment, a lot of garbage carried and will be dropping round from the vessel (blood) instead. When our liver detoxification function declines, there will be a lot of toxins in the blood.  As long as the blood toxin exceeds the standard, it is called "SGOT data too high".

"High blood lipid" is equivalent to high oil content in our fish pond, high uric acid is equivalent to high acidic substance in the fish pond, and high SGOT is equivalent to high chemical substance in the fish pond.

When our indicators show too high, the general WMT did not work to clean up the blood garbage, instead, all has just tried by every means to turn a person’s indicators to normal. For example, obesity-type hypertension uses antihypertensive drugs that dilate blood vessels to make the pressure normal. However, high blood pressure is too much fat in the blood, which can cause atherosclerosis and narrow the blood vessel wall. It is blood problem and not a problem of pressure indicators, but antihypertensive drugs do not detoxify, remove oil, or lose weight, but is just dilating blood vessels. Therefore, that’s why hypertension will never be really cured. The quality of crops is determined by water and soil quality, and the quality of fish is determined by water quality. Therefore, the health of the human body is determined by our physical fitness. When medical equipment checked us out the data, the next question is where should we go to check or treat? In fact, the hospital subdivides different departments because of this. The doctor in each department manages a fish: Cardiology, respiratory, hepatobiliary, urology department. When going to the hospital for registration, which department should I go to? Division is to divide the fish for professional people to deal with, go to gynecology Hepatobiliary, spleen and stomach, nephrology, gallbladder, oncology, various departments also means that once we arrive at the hospital, the organs are divided into 11 experts, and the red fish go to the cardiologist and the black fish to the kidney specialist for kidney replacement, the brown fish go to the liver and gallbladder expert to cut or transplant, the white fish go to the respiratory system expert, and the yellow fish go to the spleen and stomach digestion expert. You will find 11 fish was handed over to experts in 11 departments.

There are in general three ways for experts to treat diseases, briefly summarized as the followings:

    The first cure is to spray medicine into the fish pond, that is, take medicine.

For example, the black fish in the fish pond has spots. In order to cure the black fish, experts spread anti-inflammatory drugs in the fish pond. The results of the black fish skin disease is good, but other fish are affected by these anti-inflammatory drugs, and they grow slowly or even died. For the same reason, when you have a cold, cough, allergies, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, sleeplessness, or various diseases. When taking many medicines, do you actually gain or loss? I often hear that many people have been saying this: when you sick, of course you eat medicine and what else. We all know that "all medicine are 30% Toxins ", you will find that the all doses of the pharmaceutical drugs shown warning “this medicine has side effects like liver injury, spleen injury, stomach injury ... etc.,”  That makes no difference to fish pond medical care. After eating high blood pressure pill, the heart and the liver damaged, endocrine disorders, or menopause advanced. I believe many people got the experience.  

We all know that diabetes is terrible, right? because this disease is among the three biggest killers in the world, no way to be cured. In the end, many people will die due to diabetes complications. In fact, all the complications of diabetes are the result of medicine. It means medicine for one fish killed all the other unlucky fishes. Without taking drugs for treating diabetes, there will be no complications. Hence, "diabetes complications" is the result of wrong treatment! Many people don’t even know how they died! The more medicine used, the more disease to be cured.

    The second cure is to throw away the sick fish, which is like to remove the organs

Don't think that throwing away the little fish will be enough. If the little fish has problems, the big fish will be the same sooner or later. This situation is often happened in our life. The doctor may say: “ this is small organ, cut it, has only little effect”. Surgical removal, such as tonsils, gallbladder, uterus, breast, appendix was done. However, after operation, it will recur problem few years later. Endless problems happened. Doctor will only refer it as the sequelae of the operation.

    The third cure is to change fish, that is, to change organs.

Many people spend NT$200,000 to 500,000 to change the “big fish” - such as heart, liver, or kidney. We found that many people even can't live more another 3 or 5 years, usually referred as miracle already, after organ transplantation. If the organs’ are healthy without transplantation, a person may live at least another 20 or 30 years or even more a normal life.

Get a new good heart, liver, or kidney and put into the dirty blood, It will be a miracle for the person to stay alive a few years.  Because when someone’s organs are in serious condition, it is not only the problem of the organ itself, but it means the blood has reached a very dirty level. When the new organs soaked in the extreme dirty blood, it’s for sure hard to stay long!

 Like caring a sick fish, WMT Doctors treat patients after the diagnosis and there are only three methods: taking medicine, removing or changing organs. They don't care about blood! I believe everyone knows the cleanness of blood is critical to heart disease, myocardial infarction, and many other diseases! And when the blood is not clean, like the fish in the dirty pond, all the organs will surely influenced. When a patient Heart-mounted stent and take medicine for whole life and still can't cure one hundred percent the heart disease, why doctors do not focus on resolving the dirty blood problem. It costs huge amount of money to install a stent while doctors always warned the relapse may happened afterwards. Why did it relapse? Because the doctor did not help to solve the problem of dirty blood. That is to say, the water in the pond was not changed, only the fish treated, it is definitely useless. If the treatment is not good in the end, what should be done? The water should be changed! “Changing water” means improving physical fitness and conditioning of body. When the water changed, not only the black fish has recovered as a result, but also all other fishes will be recovering and active. So during the physical reconditioning, one may first obviously adjusting for skin diseases or gynecological diseases, but as soon as he finish reconditioning, it will be surprised to find: his original dry eyes, spots on your face, itchy skin, and other conditions may also be improved. This "improvement of physical fitness, overall coordination of internal organs" is the concept of TEM. There are many people who treat for the high blood pressure and allergies by TEM. When disease is cured, they will miraculously tell people that their sleep has improved, stomach has improved, looks younger than before, black spots on face skin are thin, and body is more fit. Finally, let’s study how to regulate human body scientifically:

The first step is to adjust the concept. When the concept is understood, it means that you understand what to be adjusted, and you are closer to good health, you can stay away from serious illness, and you can even lead your family away from the risk of disease.

The second step is to adjust your lifestyle. Because the trash in this fish pond is dump by yourself, you have the wrong lifestyle every day such as, late sleep, drink alcohol, eat more meat, do not exercise, stay always in air conditioning…etc.

The third step is to adjust the body. Once the concept is adjusted, the habit can be changed. Once the habit is changed, the garbage in the fish pond will no more be dump in. At this time, conditioning the body will be rather easier. What should one pay attention to when adjusting body? Just be patient! All sick people should beware of one thing. It is not easy to get sick. It is due to wrong habit lasts for 10, 20, or 30 years before one get high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. One should have the patience to adjust the conditioning of the body of at least 3 months or half a year. Because human Human gastric cells are renewed every 7 days; skin cells are renewed every 28 days; liver cells are replaced every 180 days; red blood cells are renewed every 120 days; in about a year, 98% of the body's cells are rejuvenated and renewed. The bone cell renewal takes 7 years, so we must be patient. No matter what method is used to adjust the body, it will take a process, or even a bit painful process, to see the effect.

Let herbal functional foods referred by many major science journals like Antrodia cinnamomea fungus, curcumin, etc. get into your body to help cleaning the garbage. Many scientific studies have been confirmed these materials with high anti-inflammatory properties, can enhance liver and kidney function, can adjust the immune function as a scavengers. Adjust physical condition by sports, gongfu, singing….etc. to rebuild the heart, soul and body, eating good oil and should reduce the intake of junk food as well. By this way, everyone can have the chance return to a young and healthy life.

By the way, when the toxins in the human body reach a considerable concentration, it will start to trigger body self-cleaners (a large numbers of cancer cells) to devour the toxins. However, when the toxins left in the body exceed the loading capacity of the cleaner (cancer cells), the cancer cells will first wrap them up on spot to gradually devour them and this process them into cancer tumors. These cancer cells and cancer tumors are also subject to the natural body's metabolism. When the toxins decrease and reduce the loading to cleaners, the tumor will be metabolized as well in the future or to be eliminated by the macrophage (the ultimate toxin killer) all together after metabolism.However, when the speed of detoxification, phagocytosis and tumor metabolism is much slower than the rate of tumor expansion till tumor hinders the function and system circulation of various organs, the human body will face death threats such as heart and lung failure, liver coma, shock, or brain death. Therefore, "improving physical fitness and reducing toxins" is a matter of “time” for cancer victims!

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